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A team of superheroes is an interesting story device. When done well, each character's powers complement the others, with everyone bringing something different to the table, then using said table to smash supervillains into the dust. When done badly, you get a mess of heroes with too-similar power sets, which isn't interesting to watch at all. The 's Justice League slate just about has enough differentiation — as long as the filmmakers remember Wonder Woman is a god damn god.

Wonder Woman's powers have long been compared with Superman's. Both have super strength, flight, and super speed, and in many comics its been made clear that Diana is the only person who could actually incapacitate Superman were he to go rogue. Diana's powers in Batman v Superman seemed pretty part-and-parcel with what we'd expect, with Snyder leaning heavily on her super strength and how she uses her bracelets, lasso, and sword. But Patty Jenkins upped the ante with 2017's , and that bombastic finale left us wondering whether Justice League will utilize Diana's full, godlike powers.

Diana Is A God — And She Should Fight Like One

In the final battle, Diana begins to come into her own not as a hero (because she's already become Wonder Woman), but as a god — or rather, a god-killer. As she and Ares truly throw down, Diana suddenly starts to utilize powers we've never even seen before; she catches lightning and throws it back, she uses her bracelets not defensively but offensively by creating a blast of energy, she literally melts metal projectiles with an invisible forcefield of pure power.

Diana creates some kind of forcefield around her. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Diana creates some kind of forcefield around her. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Needless to say, these powers are new even for fans of Wondy's comics. It seems that Patty Jenkins really wanted to explore what a battle between gods would look like, and granted Diana new powers in the process. And this isn't the limit of Diana's abilities: As the daughter of Zeus, it stands to reason that Diana would have inherited a lot more from the King of Olympus, and in the intervening years between Wonder Woman and Justice League, her powers will only grow stronger as she learns how to use them.

The question now then, isn't one of continuity but of whether Justice League's filmmakers have incorporated Diana's real power into the team-up movie — or whether she'll be just another super strong warrior princess.

Unfortunately, we do have to take timing into account. Justice League was already well into production before Wonder Woman was released, and although we'd like to believe that the DCEU filmmakers collaborate with each other to create the best continuity possible, we already have proof that this isn't the case.

There's already a plot hole between Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: in the modern day, Diana tells Bruce Wayne that she turned her back on humanity a hundred years ago, which lines up with WWI. However, her solo movie revealed that she didn't lose faith in humanity and instead continued to act as a hero... which doesn't explain why the world doesn't know about Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman.

Right now, most fans are chocking this up to poor communication between Snyder and Jenkins — not to mention the fact that Batman v Superman was written long before Wonder Woman was confirmed, and we really can't blame Jenkins for wanting to end her movie on an uplifting note. But this doesn't bode well for Diana's powers in Justice League.

From the trailers, it seems that Diana's fighting style is much the same as it was in Batman v Superman, without any hint of the kind of Earth-shaking abilities she demonstrated in Wonder Woman's third act. But if Diana really can fly, catch lightning, create her own energy blasts, and form a forcefield that melts metal, then these powers (not to mention any more she might have discovered) would make a huge difference in the fight against Stepphenwolf.

It would be a real shame to see Diana not progress in her abilities but take a step backward just because of studio miscommunication. With Superman dead and gone (for now), as a fullblown demigod Wonder Woman is easily the most powerful member of the Justice League. Here's hoping Snyder and Whedon remember that.

Tell us in the comments: What other godlike powers do you think Wonder Woman has?

Diana catches lightning, creates an energy blast. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Diana catches lightning, creates an energy blast. [Credit: Warner Bros.]


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