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Fan theory — is Santa just in a fatsuit? Just days from Christmas, have delivered a neatly-wrapped Christmas present for their fans in the form of a new image from Justice League. It's bluey-grey, of course, in the director's favored visual style, but it's also pretty gorgeous and gives us our first proper look at the new, modified, "tactical" Batsuit and The Flash's battle-damaged costume.

Take a look, and see if there are any clues in the image which might give away which part of it's taken from.

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros./]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros./]

We might be able to glean as much from who's absent as who's in the picture — considering Aquaman and Cyborg are recruited by Bruce after Barry Allen, the presence of here suggests this is from a scene early in the movie.

That said, Barry's costume seems to have some burn damage on the right leg which, along with the mysterious enemy force all three are staring at, might suggest this is from the action sequence in which the League, minus Aquaman, fight with Parademons in the underground tunnel connecting Gotham with Metropolis.

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Expect to get a little more context for this pic in a few days — the first proper Justice League trailer is on the way in the next week or so. I'm pretty stoked to get a first decent look at Steppenwolf, or at the very least his henchmen on the ground. Perhaps we'll even get some kind of hint at the resurrection of Superman...

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

What do you think of The Flash and Batman's new/modified suits?

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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