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Holy angry fans, Batman! We should probably light up the Bat Signal, because Warner Bros.' is preparing to undergo some significant reshoots involving a supersized team. Heading into the home stretch, some say that this could spell disaster for Batman and friends, but personally, I ain't buying it. While 's ensemble already seemed to be shedding some of its Snyderness to give us a lighter tone to the DCEU, could coming on board have altered the film more than we thought, leading to said reshoots?

Shoot For The Stars

Batman on Film is the site that broke the news, with its source reporting that photography will once again move to London between June and July (possibly even August). Away from "standard pick-ups," it sounds like something pretty major is going on under the reign of Whedon. However, before you all jump ship back to Marvel, the site also emphasizes that any additional work is "a positive in terms of making the best film possible."

Snyder recently left production due to personal issues, leaving Whedon to step up and do some fine tuning ahead of the film's November release. Perhaps the recent success of has prompted the studio to address its future slate and move some bits around to try more of what works. We can only assume that after watching crush it at the box office with Wonder Woman, Geoff Johns and co. have cut all the scenes that don't involve as the Amazonian warrior princess.

Although DC and Warner Bros. are yet to confirm the reshoots, had already fueled the fires by posting a picture of himself back in his Superman costume while in a trailer. Batman on Film also reports that ALL the main cast will be back in London, which again emphasizes just how big the changes could be. Given that Wonder Woman only had to reshoot one scene, the jury is out on what this could mean for JL!

However, let's not be all brooding Bruce about this, sometimes reshoots can work out for the best — remember Rogue One? Gareth Edwards's film had a huge overhaul relatively close to the end and it still came out the other side of the black hole smelling of roses. Admittedly, the use of the word "significant" doesn't sound particularly positive, but as pointed out earlier, it is probably just scaremongering from some overzealous fanboys.

With the first Justice League trailer giving us a rousing look at the assembled League (sans Superman), only time will tell whether Snyder, Whedon, and the rest of the DCEU can pick up where Wonder Woman left off and bring us the film our DC demigods deserve.

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(Source: Batman on Film)


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