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With DC's greatest heroes uniting for the first time ever on the big screen, it's easy to see why Justice League is one of this year's most anticipated movies. The film will see Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, Superman and Batman unite as they ake on the greatest evil the world has ever seen: Steppenwolf.

While bringing these DC legends together, the film will also give us another chance to see Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight. Fortunately for fans, yet another promo image for Justice League has made its way online, featuring the Caped Crusader in all his Gothic glory.

Batman Returns To The Shadows

The image, which surfaced on a sub-Reddit devoted to the , is a profile shot of Affleck's Batman, giving us a good look at the character's upper body as he seemingly prepares for battle.

Ben Affleck's performance was one of the few aspects of last year's to garner acclaim, and DC fans will be watching closely to see if he delivers another stand-out performance. Even though the image doesn't show the superhero's full costume, Batfleck looks even more bad-ass than ever.

Recent Justice League images have presented Batman as the team's triumphant leader, while this shot shows Ben Affleck's Dark Knight in the shadows once again. In comparison to previous promo images, this is undoubtedly closer to the fearless vigilante we met in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

With the release of Justice League on the horizon, it's good to know that the 's Batman is still a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Watch out, Steppenwolf, he's coming for you!

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