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After months of Justice League marketing that has completely excluded Superman, we finally have another promo image featuring the Man of Steel. The Superman blackout seems to be entirely deliberate on the part of Warner Bros, casting doubt on whether Superman will appear in Justice League. This has lead many people to conclude that Superman will pull a Luke Skywalker — not turning up until the very end, teasing a sequel (or another solo movie).

However, now a new promo image has dropped, featuring Superman prominently in the Justice League lineup. So what does this mean for the film?

The new promo image released by Rubies. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The new promo image released by Rubies. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

This is definitely a new poster, as we haven't seen the League in this pose before. The poster would seem to suggest that Superman will play a prominent role in the film — and yet, if you look closely you can tell that Supes has been digitally added to a photo that he wasn't initially in.

Check out Superman in this first photo for that was released a year ago:

The original 'Justice League' promo image. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The original 'Justice League' promo image. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

When we look at both images it's easy to see that Superman has been cut out of the picture that was released in 2016 and inserted into this new promo pic. He looks a bit out of place in the new image, with his face more in shadow than the others, and looking slightly more grainy. He's also standing still while the rest of the League are walking. All in all, it's not the best photoshop job in the world.

So why the shoddy work? And why insert Superman into an image when he's been absent for most of the marketing campaign so far? There is an intriguing answer to that question — Warner Bros. did not create the image that featured on the official Justice League website at all. As it turns out, the banner was created by Rubies, a company that sells licensed DC costumes. This new image was thrown up on the site to advertise the costumes that will be released to coincide with Justice League.

Interestingly, the page that this image was uploaded to has now seemingly disappeared from the website, although the file itself is still hosted on the Rubies site. This might imply that Warner Bros. didn't agree to the image before Rubies posted it, which would make sense considering that this picture has sparked yet more speculation about Superman online.

Previously, all the hints pointed towards Superman being resurrected complete with his black suit from the Death of Superman and Return of Superman comics. And yet, Zack Snyder commented that the League was far more intriguing without Superman, suggesting that the Man of Steel would not appear in the film at all.

Where's Superman? Read On:

There is one big takeaway from the photoshopped promo image debacle — Superman has a big enough role in Justice League to merit his own costume line. So my money's on Henry Cavill having a few more lines than Mark Hamill got in The Force Awakens.


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