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We are just months away from coming together (right now) for 's humongous spectacle and 's , but there is no rest for the wicked as it is still full steam ahead on set. Weaving the past six years of films into one big superhero soup, hopes are high that Warner Bros. can continue to up their game and take on the mighty MCU.

is certainly hoping to continue the legacy of Snyder on the set of the big DC brawl, however, news of recent reshoots has fans nervous/optimistic in equal measure. Before Snyder had even departed for personal reasons, reshoots had been booked in across June and July, taking the entire production and cast to the UK. It is Whedon's job to oversee the shoot and then take the film into the editing process, while Snyder recoups from afar. We have already seen some -esque shots of what we assume to be flashbacks, but now Justice League is heading into an even darker territory than war-torn history.

The City That Never Sleeps

Batman News (via Batman Notes) reports that a familiar locale has appeared on the JL set, and it looks to be none other than the Caped Crusader's own turf. Given the trailer and appearance of J.K. Simmons as the new Commissioner Gordon, we always knew that Gotham was going to play a major (if not main) part in the film's setting.

In the pictures here, you can see a large gothic statue, cloaked in fabric and holding a police crest that reads, "Protect and Serve." It may be a pretty macabre welcome to the cops of Gotham, but could this have something to do with the GCPD and the aforementioned Gordon? Notice as well, this gargoyle appears to be a close-up of the one that we see Batman towering over in one of the teaser trailers.

Elsewhere, there is a snap of a Gotham City taxi which is nothing much to report. The use of the taxi could be part of one of the many action sequences, and with the trailer showing 's Aquaman riding the roof of the Batmobile, perhaps this taxi will be caught in the crossfire. The site also reports that has been spotted where the reshoots are in Bedfordshire, so you don't have to read Detective Comics to know this is Gotham.

Production seems to be moving pretty quickly, as only the other day we shared images of the Knights Templar hangar and the guessed Wonder Woman-centric reshoots. Now we are on to Batman, so who's next for a reshoot? So far, there has been relatively little news surrounding Ray Fisher's role as Cyborg, so let's hope that the least established member of the League gets his time to shine.

The reshoots aren't promised to be anything too major, while Whedon also has no plans to mess with the story or introduce any new characters. Snyder is still expected to sign off on the film — well, it is his name on it — and don't they always say two heads are better than one?

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(Source: Batman News)


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