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Now, if there's one thing that Hollywood actors love (other than, y'know, acting, and occasionally buying vintage cars), it's taking a stand for a cause close to their heart. Stars are, after all, absurdly privileged people, and the vast majority of them are well aware of that fact. As such, they tend to give back in ways both private - anonymous donations, say - and public - the lending of their name to certain causes, to assist with promotion.

Now, it's impossible to know just what causes the Justice League cast privately give their money to, but their public stand-taking is very, very visible. Y'see...

The Justice League Cast Just Took A Stand For Clean Water

Or, to be more specific, the famous faces behind the five founding members of the cinematic Justice League, Ben 'Batman' Affleck, Ray 'Cyborg' Fisher, Gal 'Wonder Woman' Gadot, Jason 'Aquaman' Momoa and Ezra 'The Flash' Miller have just released the above video, offering their support to the Rezpect Our Water campaign.

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The big question the Justice League cast's support for Rezpect Our Water raises, though?

Just What Is The Rezpect Our Water Campaign?

Well, essentially, it's a campaign organized by the Standing Rock Youth - a youth-skewing group within the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota - to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The reason? That pipeline would - as the video above argues - "transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day across the Missouri river... less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation." As such, the Standing Rock Youth are understandably concerned about the potential impact of an oil spill on "the water, land and health of the Standing Rock People," as well as on the Missouri river as a whole. In other words?

The Standing Rock Youth Are Standing Up To An Oil Pipeline Being Forced Upon Them

That, though, is a fight that isn't going too well at the moment, with a federal judge in Washington D.C. having recently ruled that construction on the pipeline can continue. As such - and with the Standing Rock people having already been forced to attempt to halt construction via physical protest - the campaign is in urgent need of funds, active support and a whole lot of raised awareness.

Which, of course, brings us back to the Justice League cast, who are attempting to help out on all three fronts. That's why the cast's video is asking you to head to, where you can sign a pledge of resistance and donate funds, as well as to a petition that can be found right here, and that already has close to 300,000 signatories.

Why Does All Of This Matter, Though?

Well, there are a whole lot of complex issues at play here, with the state of North Dakota's desire to be perceived as business (and thus job) friendly coming into conflict with many of its residents' desire to reduce the risk of crude oil spilling into their rivers. As John Oliver points out in the video above, though, much of the fight can be whittled down to a classic 'regular people vs big business' sort of dilemma.

Which, with the historically abysmal treatment of Native Americans by the US government adding a further level of complexity to the issue, would seem to make it fairly straightforward to see the Standing Rock Youth as the 'good guys' here - and makes it pretty understandable why the Justice League cast has been so supportive of their campaign, with Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller having released another video a little while back:

With that in mind, there are some pretty big questions that need to be answered: Should the government have the right to overrule local concerns about oil pipelines? Should local groups like the Standing Rock Sioux be given more control over what happens in the vicinity of their reservations? Should Hollywood stars even be getting involved in complex and divisive issues like this in the first place?

Those are difficult questions to answer - but if you ultimately find yourself sympathizing with the position of the Standing Rock Youth, and want to help, then you can do so here, and find out more about the campaign right here.

In the meantime, though, just in case you need to have your faith in giant corporations ability to do things that aren't potentially vastly destructive restored...

Here's everything you might have missed in the Justice League Comic-Con trailer:

The even bigger question, though? What do YOU think? Let us know below!

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