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Word of warning: This article contains some 'Justice League' spoilers. If you'd rather go into the movie totally blind, you know what to do.

There may be over a year to go until Justice League hits theaters, but the hype train is steaming toward Gotham Central Station at full speed, and this weekend we were treated to another exclusive from the set — our first look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon, on the rooftop of Gotham City PD headquarters.

Jim Gordon: Always a little bit sad. (Warner Bros.)
Jim Gordon: Always a little bit sad. (Warner Bros.)

Even if his role in Justice League is brief (Simmons has said he only has a few scenes), it wouldn't be Gotham without Commissioner Gordon illuminating the sky with the Batsignal while looking vaguely tortured (does the man never spend any time with his family?). More than just an atmospheric teaser, though, this photograph also signals a major plot point early in the movie. Justice League Spoilers from this point on.

As Movie Pilot learned during our set visit in London this summer, the rooftop meeting is the moment that Victor Stone is officially recruited to the Justice League. Batman, flanked by The Flash and Wonder Woman, meet Gordon to discuss eight kidnapped scientists who've been taken from locations around the world. A previous attempt to recruit Cyborg seems to have failed, but now Stone appears on the rooftop to inform the heroes that a ninth scientist has been taken — his father and creator, Silas Stone, who saved him with the help of one of the mysterious Mother Boxes.

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Victor Stone: This time it's personal. (Warner Bros.)
Victor Stone: This time it's personal. (Warner Bros.)

Cyborg's unique relationship to the Mother Boxes, essentially being powered by one, makes him a useful tool in Batman's arsenal as he and the Justice League attempt to locate the other two boxes before Steppenwolf can get his hands on them. Gordon then discusses a nest of Parademons with his visitors, who quickly descend into a tunnel connecting Gotham with Metropolis in Batman's spider-like new vehicle, the Nightcrawler, to do battle with said Parademon nest. At this point, Aquaman is not part of the picture — presumably, the entire League pays him a visit not long after the underground fight scene.

So, that's the secret of what Jim Gordon is doing on a Gotham rooftop one rain-soaked evening when could be at home looking after Barbara. Obviously, he's never read The Killing Joke. Check out the first Comic-Con trailer for Justice League below, and click through to find out everything we know so far, from news and rumors to the hottest fan theories.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017. Before then, tell me...

Could this incarnation of the Commissioner possibly top Gary Oldman's interpretation of Jim Gordon from The Dark Knight trilogy?


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