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DC's biggest and brightest heroes are coming together in this year's to fight off the impending Apokoliptian threat. Don't be fooled, though. Darkseid is not coming down himself to try and conquer Earth. Instead, the cruel ruler is sending one of his most trusted soldiers, Steppenwolf, to do the job for him.

Last year, Ciaran Hinds was cast as the character. But unlike our batch of new heroes, there's very little we know about him or the type of role he'll play.

Steppenwolf [Credit: DC Comics]
Steppenwolf [Credit: DC Comics]

Fortunately, Hinds just gave us an idea of what to expect from the New God. Speaking to The Independent, the actor revealed two pivotal elements about his character: His backstory and what we should expect looks-wise.

The Villain's Live-Action Look

Live-action Steppenwolf [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Live-action Steppenwolf [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The character is a powerful world-conquering alien, so he needs a tough and out-of-this world appearance to match the nature of the role. will be almost completely CGI. Hinds spoke about his unfortunate experience with a "very tight and embarrassing" mo-cap suit, which will result in...

“Basically they’re going to construct something, digitally, and then they will use my eyes and mouth.”

Of course, it's not like we have no idea of how the villain will look. He famously appeared in Batman v Superman, dropping some knowledge on Lex Luthor about what was coming to Earth. Still, given 's style and the character's comic book counterpart's colorful aesthetic, there's a lot we still need to see.

Steppenwolf's Tragic Backstory

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

As you might expect from a man living in one of the most ruthless planets in the vast DC multiverse, Steppenwolf has a pretty depressing past. But revealed a pretty interesting detail about the villain: He's not willingly on Darkseid's side:

"He’s old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid, [but] he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds.”

For any geeks out there, that's a slight tweak of the mythology. In the comics, Steppenwolf is Darkseid's uncle and one of his most trusted allies. In fact, he's the head of Apokolips' military forces. With all of that, it's surprising he's doing the world-conquering against his will this time around, but nonetheless, it's a welcome change that provides layers for the guy.

It's important to note that these comments also help shed some light on the fact that is using Steppenwolf to hype up Darkseid.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

We know Darkseid will not be part of Justice League (at least a meaningful one). But through Hinds' comments, we can see that Warner Bros. found a very smart way to hype up the dreaded and elusive villain for the future, and it's all about his power.

Look at it this way: The main villain in the movie, from what we've seen in the trailers, manages to stage a full-on assault on Earth and needs the combined power of six (maybe seven) of Earth's mightiest heroes to be taken down. But he's still only 's servant.

Yikes. That's a clever way to have an endgame for the franchise. Something that, up until this point, we thought had been lacking.

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I have to say, this information just made me even more excited to see what Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. do with Steppenwolf. Despite the change in his story, it's still an intriguing concept, which instantly creates a compelling bond between him and Darkseid, and offers a different and exciting dynamic for the future of the .

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.


Are you happy with the direction Zack Snyder is taking with Steppenwolf?

[Source: The Independent]


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