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As the comicverse explodes after the release of the Justice League trailer, fans are quick to hunt for the veritable trove of Easter Eggs that director has hidden in plain sight. Away from a new Commissioner Gordon and parademons, there is one hint, that if you blinked, you may have missed. As well as the Scarlet Speedster, will we be seeing the suit come in another color — oh, yellow perhaps?

A Flash In The Pan

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The trailer finally gave us more of a glimpse of Ezra Miller putting on his speedster spandex to play Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. However, among the good and the bad of the DC universe, did Snyder also tease the arrival of the Reverse-Flash simply by placing Billy Crudup behind bars? While the yellow-suited killer will surely not serve as the main villain of , the arrival of Eobard Thawne could nicely set up solo film for .

For those who don't know their Barry Allen from their Barry White, the comics include a tragic death for Mrs. Allen, Nora. Barry inexplicably watched his mother's demise at the end of a knife, and the blade soon found itself in the hands of his father. It seems that the Central City Police Department in the also doesn't believe in time-traveling speedsters, as the trailer clearly shows Crudup's Henry Allen behind bars, implying that the deed has already been done.

Where Reverse-Flash comes into play is thanks to a story concocted back in the early '00s. DC Films boss Geoff Johns crafted a clever tale which saw Thawne as the killer of Mrs. Allen. After mastering time travel, Reverse-Flash went back to Barry's happy childhood and killed Nora, with the Allens none the wiser and Henry serving some serious jail time.

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A Thawne In The Side

'The Flash' [Credit: CW]
'The Flash' [Credit: CW]

While we haven't even met Eobard yet, it may seem like a strange theory, but it actually makes sense. Due to complicated time travel issues, Thawne killing Nora before Justice League sets up the Flashpoint Paradox and one of the most anticipated spectacles in all of history. We have seen it all before on 's The Flash, however, fans have long held out for a live-action Flashpoint in the DCEU and Justice League may just have started the cogs turning.

Losing two directors, and currently undergoing a re-write, the cards were on the table for The Flash, however, this small plot point gives hope to the tale and Yellow vs. Red.

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