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The DC comic multiverse is not wanting for protectors. The Justice League, the Justice Society, the Lantern Corps, the Birds of Prey, the Legends of Tomorrow and my personal favorite, the Super Buddies, are just itching to defend humanity against potential threats. In comparison the DCEU movie version of Earth is frighteningly vulnerable — which is why Batman and Wonder Woman are assembling a team in Justice League.

So what happened to the other cosmic heroes? The SDCC Justice League trailer dropped an intriguing hint about that, as Steppenwolf gloated that without a Kryptonian protector, or the "Lanterns," Earth would fall to his invasion.

"No protectors here. No Lanterns, no Kryptonian... This world will fall."

With Green Lantern conspicuously absent from the DCEU, we're all wondering exactly why Hal Jordan and/or John Stewart haven't stepped up to save Earth yet. Now, we might have an answer: because the Green Lantern Corps itself has been destroyed.

What Happened To The Green Lantern Corps?

Steppenwolf's comment has two possibilities. Either the Green Lantern Corps have been destroyed, or they just have no interest in Earth. Considering that the Corps were formed to be intergalactic peace force, it seems unlikely that they would ignore Steppenwolf's invasion of Earth in the name of Darkseid. So what if they've already clashed with Darkseid, and come off the worse for it?

Tasked with protecting all sentient life, it makes sense that the Green Lantern Corps would have battled Darkseid in the past. In fact, that could be why Darkseid is only turning his attention to Earth now: In his mission to conquer the galaxy, he will have faced its would-be protectors, and perhaps the Green Lantern Corps tried to defend Earth — and other planets in the galaxy — but failed.

This would make a lot of sense, and would also set up an interesting situation for the DCEU to explore in later movies. Officially, the first appearance of any Green Lantern will be in the 2020 movie Green Lantern Corps — a name which has lead many fans to conclude that the film won't focus on the fate of one Lantern, like Hal Jordan, but the Corps itself. Using Justice League to establish that the Corps is in trouble would set up a story for the 2020 movie to explain.

Back in 2016, producer Charles Roven told Entertainment Weekly that a Green Lantern might appear in Justice League 2, but not before then:

"For now, we felt that we were introducing enough characters that the best possible place we could put Green Lantern is some introduction in 'Justice League 2', or barring that, a movie after."

But a lot's changed since then, with Warner Bros. shaking up their DC movie slate and announcing plenty more upcoming films. Multiple clues have pointed toward Green Lantern appearing a little sooner than that — even the DCEU's new opening credits pointedly includes Green Lantern (apparently John Stewart) in the main character line-up.

We're playing a game of smoke and mirrors in this Lantern-bereft blackest night, but all signs point towards the Green Lantern Corps being incorporated as an important part of the DCEU very soon. Why else would the filmmakers position Green Lantern so conspicuously in their new introduction, and include a nod toward the Corps in the new Justice League trailer? One thing's for certain, Warner Bros. want to remind us that Green Lantern is an important part of the DCEU — so keep your eyes peeled for any surprise appearances in the first Justice League. This movie may very well "unite the seven" after all.


Do you think 'Justice League' will introduce Green Lantern?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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