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It's Monday, which means some of the more creative people of the internet have had a whole weekend to do what they do best — think up new ways of trolling DC fans. I'm not saying this rumor about 's reappearance in Justice League is necessarily fiction, but it doesn't take the world's greatest detective to recognize that you should fill the boot of the Batmobile with salt before reading on.

Ready? Alright, let's do this. According to r/DCEUleaks, the subreddit devoted to sharing spoilers about the movies of , the second trailer for Justice League has been cut, and it features a surprise/non-shock ending in which Superman descends and faces off with Batman once again.

According to the Redditor in question, Henry Cavill is sporting Superman's infamous mullet hairstyle from DC's iconic '90s comic book saga The Death of Superman — and he'll be wearing the black suit first introduced in the same story. The "S" logo on his chest is charcoal rather than silver, there's no cape, and there are lines beneath the suit resembling veins and glowing like lava. The sky is said to be "raining ash", which sounds supremely Zack Snyder-ish.

's expression is said to be one of "oh shit," which is interesting because, if true, it clearly positions Superman as some kind of antagonist in Justice League, at least for a while.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

When Superman is brought back to life via the regeneration matrix in the third act of The Death of Superman, though, somewhat de-powered, he immediately sets out to save an under-attack Metropolis, clearly still every inch the hero.

Snyder taking major liberties with the source material would be nothing new, but having seen Batman show remorse for his mistrust of Superman post-funeral in Dawn of Justice, it seems unlikely that the Man of Steel would once again be positioned as an antagonist — unless he's being controlled by a foe of the Justice League, such as Lex Luthor or the Apokoliptian military general Steppenwolf.

So, while I'd enjoy at least aspects of this leak revealing themselves to be true when the new trailer hits (specifically the mullet), I think this is probably just another case of DC fans getting their capes in a twist because somebody has too much time on their hands. You can read the Reddit thread in full here.

That said, there's likely to be a new Justice League trailer before July is out, with Joss Whedon currently helming reshoots and additional scenes, so we'll know soon enough. Justice League swoops into theaters November 17.

Do you believe Superman will be anything less than a good guy in Justice League, and will he be rocking the black suit and mullet?


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