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The first full Justice League trailer has dropped, teasing the dawn of a new (hopefully more critically acclaimed) era of the . The founding members of the League finally unite, as Batman assembles his band of heroes to defend the Earth against Darkseid — whose forces are, as Wonder Woman ominously warns, "already here".

But there's someone else who is also already here, swinging around in the dark streets of Blüdhaven (and sometimes Gotham). He is vengeance, he is the night, he is... Nightwing! And his presence in the DCEU canon was casually established in the trailer. See if you can catch the reference:

As 's oldest protege and one of 's most popular heroes in his own right, Nightwing (a.k.a. Dick Grayson) will leap into the DCEU in his very own solo movie sometime in the near future.

Batman's Greatest Success

It's highly likely that this solo film will draw on the history that has as Batman's sidekick and longtime ally — which is far more interesting than an origin story. This means that The Batman will probably establish Dick Grayson's backstory, either by including him as a cameo or having one of the characters make a passing reference to him. But even before Batman's solo movie is finally released, we've already had our first nod to Nightwing in the Justice League trailer.

Nightwing in the DC comics. [Credit: DC]
Nightwing in the DC comics. [Credit: DC]

So said JK Simmons' Commissioner Gordon to Batman as he teamed up with Aquaman (who, by the way, completely stole the show during the trailer and seems set to do the same in the movie). His brief comment may not seem like much, but it's Gordon's use of the word "again" that's really interesting — this means that, as Batman vs Superman teased, Bruce Wayne has had allies in the past. And one of them will have been Nightwing.

The original Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson came into his own when he became the independent hero Nightwing, still working with Batman and other members of their vast allegiance known as the Batfamily.

The Batfamily stage an intervention. [Credit: DC]
The Batfamily stage an intervention. [Credit: DC]

Because Ben Affleck's Batman is something of a veteran crimefighter, decades into his career, the DCEU has the luxury of skipping ahead of Bruce's oft retrod origin story. The upshot of this: The Batfamily are alive and well and holding down the fort in Gotham City while Bats charges off to protect the world against Darkseid's forces.

This is a really fascinating position from which to tell Batman and Nightwing's stories, as Warner Bros. can pick any Batfamily character from DC's sandbox — be it Tim Drake's Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl (or even Oracle), you can bet that we'll see these characters on the silver screen soon. So although it was a small moment, it was really nice to see Batman's allies — especially Nightwing — receive this little tribute in the Justice League trailer.


Which members of the Batfamily do you want to see in the DCEU?


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