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(Warning: The following contains DCEU-related casting news that could be considered to involve plot SPOILERS, albeit ones directly offered up by Warner Bros itself. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise, all the same...)

Now, for all that ' upcoming -set superhero extravaganza, , looks set to draw a whole lot of attention to 's greatest heroes, they're not necessarily the aspect of the movie that fans are most excited to know more about.

After all, while we know precisely which heroes we're going to follow through the movie's central narrative, there's a whole lot more mystery surrounding the film's assembled mass of villainy. Sure, we already know that 's leading general will feature - but not whether Darkseid himself will appear. Similarly, while may have been teasing the presence of his dastardly take on in the film, that remains officially unconfirmed. In other words? We really don't have all that much of a clue about who we'll ultimately see facing off against the Justice League. Or do we? Y'see...

'Justice League' Will Now Officially Feature THAT Classic DC Villain

'Man of Steel' [Warner Bros.]
'Man of Steel' [Warner Bros.]

Specifically, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex 'pee jar' Luthor. That, at least, is what Warner Bros' recent press kit for the film seemed to reveal, suggesting as it does that Eisenberg will have a 'featured role' in the movie. Which does, it seems, rather confirm that Luthor will be playing a key - if, perhaps, rather reduced - role in the film.

What's more, the same kit confirmed that - as rumored - 's Queen , a.k.a. 's mom - will turn up in the movie too. With Batman's chums Alfred and Jim Gordon already confirmed for the movie, the Superman-affiliated Lois Lane and Lex Luthor now both on board, and Wonder Woman's own mom heading into the action, and 's seemingly set for a small but significant role, is it now safe to assume that all of the League will get to bring a buddy or two along for the ride? And, if so, does that mean we will indeed be seeing a certain Iris West in the movie?

Only time - or, perhaps, a cunningly revelatory trailer or two - will tell...

What do you reckon, though? Which characters do you think will surprisingly turn up in Justice League when it arrives next year? Let us know below!



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