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Warner Bros. has no chill when it comes to their CW Arrowverse, and the CW has nearly become the one-stop shop for all things DC (except for Gotham). Fans can finally rejoice now that this fall season is underway and the DC-heavy network is exploring new terrain. We've seen a number of heroes and villains battle it out on the small screen thanks to The Flash and Arrow, but it's DC's Legends of Tomorrow that has taken fans on a number of time traveling explorations through the world of DC.

Now, they are going to give us a group of heroes that sparked the Justice League of America. During the latter part of the summer it was confirmed that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will introduce the legendary Golden Age super group known as the Justice Society of America into the Arrowverse. The epic photo you see in the title picture features JSA members Hourman, Obsidian, Stargirl, Commander Steel, and Dr. Mid-Nite primed and ready to collect...

Admittedly and unfortunately, the JSA likely won’t be scalping any Nazis. Weep not, because we'll at least get to see (or have seen) some Nazi ass-kicking action according to the synopsis:

“The Legends travel to Nazi-occupied Paris, but find themselves surrounded by the Justice Society of America (JSA). The Legends discover a time aberration that threatens the JSA, but the JSA wants nothing to do with them or their help. Nevertheless, the Legends force their way into the JSA’s mission to intercept and seize a mysterious package. Nate (Nick Zano) is desperate to prove that he should be part of the team, but he has a secret that he shares with his grandfather Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull) that might make it difficult. Ray (Brandon Routh) is so focused on impressing the JSA, he puts himself and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) in danger. Meanwhile, Stein (Victor Garber) has stepped in as the leader with Rip (Arthur Darvill) gone, but when decisions aren’t being made Sara (Caity Lotz) seems to be the one calling the shots.”

That’s a pretty epic synopsis since it loosely follows the formation of the team in the 1940s that saw the heroes band together in an effort to stop Hitler. While this may be our first look at the JSA in the Arrowverse, this isn’t the first time DC fans saw the JSA on the small screen. The last time we got a taste of the JSA was Smallville Season 9 episode "Absolute Justice" and Season 10 episode "Icarus."

The excitement surrounding this upcoming episode is justifiable as the CW explores the younger version of DC’s superhero team that preceded the Justice League of America. Speaking of JLA, now that filming has wrapped up for the DCEU’s super friends and JSA making their Arrowverse debut, I can’t help but wonder where and how the Justice Society of America would fit into the DCEU? Who could make a JSA movie happen? How would the JSA be presented? And who’d play the heroes? Well, the waiting is over and we shall explore and answer all these questions together.

Team RED Makes Sense For The Golden Age Heroes

One way the DCEU could make this work is bringing the brains behind RED to helm their Earth-2 project. Robert Schwentke, along with Erich and Jon Hoeber were able to bring together a collection of Hollywood royalty in a film that was predicated on the actors being, well, old (for lack of a better term). RED was action packed and funny thanks to the all-star cast led by Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker. Robert also directed Insurgent, which was visually great with thrilling chase scenes and action packed with the combined element of drama. Taking all those things into account, I'd say JSA would require the type of mastery that only Schwentk can provide.

As mentioned earlier, Swchentke wasn't alone; he had the Hoeber brothers by his side when creating RED. An added bonus is that Erich is also the producer responsible for Battleship and The Last Witch Hunter. The latter was a visually stimulating mystical film with good fight scenes and a solid cast that starred Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie. RED was able to present characters that had history long before we got to know them and the Hoebers did a fantastic job of conveying this to audiences. They did a great job with the depth of each character. With the JSA, we don't need an origin story like we'll get with the Justice League and we don't need a MCU like buildup for each character. Instead, like RED, we need established and seasoned heroes who will once again look to band together to save the world. There is no better duo to pin the script and help Swchentke bring to life a fantastic story.

How The JSA Fits Into The DCEU

The best way to do this is simply separate the JSA from the timeline and world that currently exist in the DCEU — for now. Mimic what DC comics did and make them part of Earth-2. The Golden Age of comics brought us the Justice Society of America, a group of heroes that preceded the Justice League of America in a world parallel to Earth called Earth-2. After saving the world countless times, these heroes eventually called it quits. Though many of the original members retired, the JSA sparked the minds of other heroes to step up and join

How The Story Should Be Told?

Schwentke and the Hoeber brothers worked well together in a movie, which featured a cast of older actors and actresses in RED. A JSA movie would be great in a similar fashion instead of an origin story. The DCEU could have the JSA become an entity of its own, separate from the current timeline that exist within their Justice League world. Who knows, maybe this could lead to an epic film about Infinite Crisis or Crisis on Infinite Earths. Telling a good story is prevalent to the success of any movie, and a movie surrounding the JSA shouldn't be any different. One way team RED can do this is by loosely adopting the storyline that involves Mordru, the death of Wesley Dodds, and Doctor Fate (Fate-Child). They can tell a story that involves elements of tragedy with tales of friendship, heroism, adventure, and laughs.

Allow Tragedy to Reunite The JSA

Without me going to crazy details, the story surrounding the death of one of the JSA's founding members, Sandman, is the way to go. In the comics, Mordru, the God of Chaos, questions Wesley Dodds (Sandman) about the birth of the next Doctor Fate. Instead of giving up the goods, Dodds decides to leap to his doom, but not before delivering the message to the trusted Cyril "Speed" Saunders. As the photo suggests, plenty JSA members attended the funeral of their dead brethren. While it's a tragic and touching story, it shouldn't exactly go down like that in the movie.

Mordru, Solomon Grundy, And Ultra-Humanite Team Up

Instead, Mordru should be the one who kills Sandman after the hero chooses death over satisfying the god. Before being kidnapped, Sandman would confide in Speed and reveals the location of the Fate-Child, along with his fate. Though he doesn't know when or how he'll die, he ask that Speed deliver a message to Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl).

After failing with the Sandman, Mordru seeks help from two major villains — Solomon Grundy and the ultra-intelligent Gerald Shugel (Ultra-Humanite), both of who were thought to be dead. Grundy's resurrection would help lure a couple of members to him, but for the most part be held in check by Mordru until he was ready for the dead man to make his move. Shugel's usage would be mutually beneficial, with the scientist needing a body and Mordru needing insight on the JSA, so the God of Chaos gives Shugel the opportunity to possess the sick Johnny Thunder. Like the comics, Johnny would suffer from Alzheimer's. However, instead of the battle with Solomon Grundy curing the disease, it will be Ultra-Humanite after he possesses the aged hero. Mordru will use the possessed Johnny to infiltrate the JSA before disposing of both.

Meanwhile, Speed has delivered the message to Courtney, who decides to keep quiet (at least until after the burial). Some former JSA members were reunited at the funeral of Wesley Dodds with some very noticeable absentees. On top of the missing members, Johnny is acting strangely, but most of the members chalk it up to the sickness. After the funeral, Courtney unburdened herself to Jakeem Thunder (Thunderbolt), who urged her to tell the others. Courtney doesn't think it's a good idea, decides to track down a lead. She asks Jakeem to accompany her and they approach a resurrected Solomon Grundy.

Grundy appeared to be not only resurrected, but oddly rehabilitated, so the two left without any information. The Spectre, who was absent from the funeral, arrives to tell Courtney that Grundy had been playing her and was now on the path of destruction. Unfortunately, he was much stronger than before, adding that his power was granted by something far greater than any enemy they had faced before. The two of them exchanged information and came to the conclusion that the Fate-Child was in danger.

Jakeem and Johnny had become close over the years, so when the young Thunder notices the older Thunder acting strangely, he, along with Black Canary and Stargirl, decide to visit him. During the visit, things take a turn for the worse when Johnny asks Jakeem for the Thunderbolt pin. Once he gives it to him, Johnny reveals himself to be Ultra-Humanite. Luckily for the heroes, The Spectre intervenes, saving their lives and retrieving the pin, but Humanite escapes with his life. After the brief yet close battle, the heroes get a better understanding of just how powerful an enemy they are dealing with. Courtney would go on to recruit Jay Garrick and Alan Scott first before tracking down other members of the team. Together, the JSA would reunite and face their greatest threat.

Well, that's all I have for you, until next time have an inside look at Legends of Tomorrow "The Justice Society of America" episode:

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