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Tino Jochimsen

On January 7, Raylan Givens () will be back exchanging bullets and laconic banter with old and new enemies.

The former will, of course, be personified by Walton Goggins who returns as Raylan's eloquent arch-nemesis Boyd Crowder, and Jere Burns whose role as endearing sociopath Wynn Duffy has been buffed up. The new bad guy, played by Michael Rappaport, will also carry a somewhat familiar name: Daryl Crowell, the cousin of dimwit Dewey Crowell.

I don’t think I have to whet your appetite for the fifth season if you’ve seen and appreciated the preceding four. For those uninitiated however: do yourself a favor and watch the first four before January 7!

If you don’t trust my words, watch the trailer for the fifth season of Justified below:



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