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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The and circus continues to rumble on n' on. One minute, they're broken up. Next, they're back together. Then, there's that whole Milyn Jensen controversy.

Now, well...they're neither here nor there. They are entering into that early 20's phenomenon called 'friends with benefits'. You take the best thing from a relationship, and add it to a friendship. No drama. No heartbreak. No negatives. Just perpetual carnal stimulation!

Basically, Biebs n' Gomez are giving this a go. When they are in the same city as each other, they hook up. When they're away, they're single!

How do we know this - it's a source close to the couple, of course! As ever, take it with a pinch of salt...'close' can be open to interpretation (i.e he's never even met them!). The mysterious source said EXCLUSIVELY to Hollywood Life (well done guys!) that:

“Their relationship is at a bit of a holding pattern. They are pretty much single but will hook up when they are in the same city.”

Sounds great, right? And oh so mature. Well, you may think that...but doesn't getting jiggy with an ex does have a tendency to awaken old feelings and complicate things further? I'll just leave a quick warning. 'Friends with benefits' can end messily...

And also, what's with this phrase 'holding pattern'? To me, it sounds like they are just preparing for an eventual reunion. Like when you're on a cross-country train which stops, afflicted with delays, and then 5 boring, mind-suffocating hours of deadlock later, it gets going again! So, are Biebs and Gomez following the train delay school of fixing relationships? Only time will tell...



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