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Sophie Atkinson

Sometimes I think all Bieber has to do to make the headlines is sneeze.

Or at least, that's the way it seems since the internet went gaga over pictures of Bieber driving 'a mystery blonde'. Is she a mystery blonde because she's genuinely mysterious...or is she just a mystery because she's sat in a vehicle with the Bieb?

The Daily Mail argued this meant 'Justin Bieber has now got a new lady in his sights'. Meanwhile, Hollywood Life became increasingly shrill about the story:

'Okay, so what is going on?! Justin, 19, has now been photographed driving a blonde around. But, does this mean that he and Selena Gomez have called it quits again?'

Apaz, grown men and women across the World Wide Web are feverishly speculating over what this car ride means. Guys, it's not the 1950s. A man and a woman can ride in a car together without this necessarily meaning they're bumping nasties. For all we know, it's Bieb's cousin! But nay, 'tis more fun to speculate.

I reckon she's one of the following:

(a) Selena's worst enemy, trying to steal Bieber away from her through the tried and tested method of seductive car rides. What's more sexy than traffic jams? Nothing, that's what.

(b) An oddly youthful talent agent, who's going to use her feminine wiles to persuade Bieber to change his musical thrash metal!

(c) Bieber's cousin...and lover!!! Things are different in Canada. Incest is just a groovy way of passing time post dinner and prior to the ten o'clock news.

(d) A passerby who accidentally superglued her finger into her mouth. Good Samaritan Bieber is driving her to A&E.

Thoughts, opinions, speculations? Drop me a line below, Beliebers.


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