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Citizens of Atlanta, run! Run while there's still time! Bieber is about to descend on your city amidst a terrifying cyclone of tantrums, eggs, and cringeworthy hip-hop.

The controversial tearaway has been eyeing up a plush pad in Atlanta that looks like it is monumental enough to contain his hyper-inflating ego. With a $10.95 million price tag and seven expansive bedrooms, hopefully this colossal playpen will be enough to keep the Biebs safely tucked away from the general public.

Moving to Atlanta could signify the next step in desperate struggle to become the canker sore on the sizable butt of hip-hop. The city has been named "hip-hop's center of gravity" and 'Bizzle' wants to follow in the big pimpin' footsteps of legends like Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins. Bless his little cottons.

Justin Bieber partied with Diddy in Atlanta recently

On a more positive note, Biebs full time babysitter and mentor, lives in the same exclusive neighborhood so there will be someone to hold the aspiring rappers hand.

I can't help but think it will be good for Biebs to have a father figure around to teach him the how to act like a fully house trained adult. His own father seems to be hell bent on joining his sons self destructive plummet into the gutter so this is definitely an upgrade!

Check out images of Bieber's prospective new pad below!

Bieber could be basking in the glory of this stunning exterior

Bieber's own personal cinema is large enough for everybody who enjoyed watching Justin Bieber's Believe to get a second screening! Hurrah!

Check out the size of this sizzup cellar, man!

What would you guys do if Bizzle was moving into your hood? Hit me up with your harsh judgement below!

(Source: The Daily Mail)

(Images: Celebuzz via Getty, The Daily Mail Xposure and Sothebys Realty)



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