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Grammy Award-winning singer Justin Bieber shouldn't have much trouble finding a date, but his recent attempt at a seduction via direct message backfired spectacularly.

From his official Instagram account, liked a photo of a gym employee at Fitness on Broughton in Savannah, Georgia. He sent a DM to the gym, asking "who's that girl" with an added heart emoji. The employee, Jessica Grober, took a screenshot of the Instagram message, and then posted it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

Grober followed it up with a tweet — full of photos with her boyfriend — explaining, "I've got everything I need right here":

Contacted by Buzzfeed, Grober said that she couldn't believe that Bieber had reached out:

"My boyfriend and family basically think the same thing I do, that it is very random and shocking. The fact that it has gone viral is not anything we would have ever expected! Everyone was definitely surprised that a celebrity reached out asking who I was." contacted Bieber's representative for a comment, but received no response. A few days later, Grober was still tweeting about her relationship, so this was a total fail on the singer's part.

Bieber has certainly faced bigger embarrassments in his career, and this one has already blown over. However, such unwelcome messages are not a good idea in general. Last week, a Polygon video game blogger was fired over sexually harassing Twitter DMs sent to numerous women. So whether it's public humiliation or the loss of a job, trolling for a date on non-dating apps can have serious repercussions.

Whether this latest incident will have any impact on Justin Bieber's future DM slides remains to be seen.

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