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After months of distancing himself from fans and erupting at concerts, has finally reached breaking point and slapped a fan in the face after the Barcelona leg of his 'Purpose' world tour.

The incident occurred after a fan attempted to touch Justin's face while the star was driving past in a moving vehicle and, after 22-year-old Bieber fought back, the perpetrator was left with a bloodied lip.

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Although the so-called "fan" was clearly left with a split lip by the incident, many people jumped to Bieber's side for defending himself from would could have been a threatening situation.

Others also chose to focus on the medias use of the word "fan" implying that nobody willing to make Justin feel in danger can be counted as an ally to the singer.

As with everything Bieber related, there was also a backlash toward the star for his actions with some stating that he "hates his fans," while others criticized his violent behavior when he could have used more level-headed methods to protect himself.

While Bieber hasn't quite had a Kanye West style psychotic break, this is the most recent in a long line of incidents involving the young star that have left fans concerned for his mental health.

After being in the spotlight since he was such a young age, maybe it's time for Justin to seriously take some time out for himself. The pressure is clearly getting to him, and that rarely ends well.


Do you think Justin Bieber needs to take some time out?

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