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Justin Bieber is singing the sorrow of being pursued by a ravenous pack of adolescent girls in the second trailer for his new film, Justin Bieber's Believe.


The teenage tearaway is hell-bent on setting the record straight about his wayward behaviour in his own wise words and Justin Bieber's Believe is set to be a candid romp through the troubled star's psyche.

can even be seen shedding a tear in the promotional trailer in a move that is sure to get pre-pubescent girls gushing about his sensitive side.

Justin Bieber in the Believe trailer: Crocodile tears?

The young pop star also risks a horde of hyperventilating Beliebers swarming his fort when he lets slip that;

My favourite part is intimate moments with the fans

In true dramatic Bieber style, there are also a few cryptic nail-biters to keep his eager flock gagging for the full length film. When the singer states;

Of course I've been in love, I think being in love is the most powerful thing

there is no mention of the lucky lady he is waxing lyrical about. Could it be his former beau or, is there another girl who has swooped in a stolen his heart?

Is Justin Bieber going to talk about his love for Selena Gomez?

What do you guys think we are going to learn about Bieber's romantic side?

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