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Sophie Atkinson

Oh, S-Gomez. Oh, J-Bieber. On again, off again, till our heads start to spin. Are there no other fish in the barren Hollywood dating seas? Or is it just the publicity buzz that they're really attracted to? The last question seems particularly pertinent as Justin's a little too into social media-ing every last thing they do together, which I can't imagine you doing with someone you're actually into. It's a bit like when you go on a date with a guy who keeps Instagramming the meal at the restaurant and posting the pictures on Facebook. You know it's a dead end when he's more into his social media accounts looking sufficiently fun and buzzy than you.

Anyhoos, long story short, the pair are reportedly trying to be just friends. One of the zillions of anonymous insiders (sigh) that seem to make their living off selling Selena stories to the bloids reports:

'They are trying to maintain a friendship.'

Oh, Selena, honey. You’re not fooling anyone - since when has anyone ever really wanted to be friends with an old fling? It's against nature: they know your secrets and what your mouth tastes like.

So I guess, reading between the lines: hanging out and occasional drunk sex?



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