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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
Elle McFarlane

As the gospel of states, all that matters is that you learn to you love yourself, and judging by his new hairstyle, no one is doing a better job of that than the Beeb himself.

In a bold new move Justin Bieber has yet again sent shockwaves through his legions of Beliebers by stepping out with a new floppy mop, which is sending us all back in time to the 'baby' Bieber of 2010.

Baby Bieber's Swaggie Haircut Of Yesteryear:

Do you remember when lil Justin looked as cute as a puppy with the solitary wish of making his Beliebers smile? Well just hold that thought because:

Just Look At Us Now! Bieber's New Hairstyle Is Sending Us Back In Time:

See Also:

Who needs a reason to breathe when we're presented with such a beautiful vision!? Merging both the boyish charm of his My World 2.0 era with the raw, rugged sex appeal of modern day Purpose Justin we now have the perfect blend of Bieber's past and present as he mimics the hairstyle of his younger self!

And He's Still Rocking Maroon T-Shirts Like It Aint' No Thang:

By all accounts, maroon is a difficult color to pull off, but judging by the fact that Justin's been rocking the color since the beginning, it's safe to say the man is capable of anything.


How do you feel about Bieber's new hairstyle?


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