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When and Angelina Jolie's marriage came crumbling down, first and foremost, the world turned to to search her flawless face for any trace of a smirk.

However, while the Friends star has valiantly kept her lips sealed about the divorce (while probably sitting at home with a glass of red and laughing hysterically at the irony of it all), her husband Justin Theroux has taken it upon himself to throw some good ol' Brad Pitt shade.

At the end of October, the actor posted a graffiti design onto his Instagram, which very clearly showed the words "F*ck Brad Pitt." If you're gagging to get involved in a brief game of "Where's Waldo?" with some social media pixels, try and find the phrase amongst the pink and blue text below:

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Yep, right there to the left of the girl's face, amongst all the f*ck you's to terrible things such as war, condoms, steroids, cocaine, racism and pickles, brightly shines the name "Brad Pitt." And naturally, the post sent fans into frenzy, with the world practically exploding with excitement that finally some big bad beef has risen to the surface between Jen's current husband and ex.

However, probably after a quiet prod from his PR person, actor was quick to rectify the situation, adamant that in no way was the social media post a slight on Pitt. Hours later, he added the following caption to the image, accompanied by hashtags:



So there, you go guys. No matter what you might think, it's all clearly been a big mistake – Justin Theroux doesn't hate Brad Pitt, only pickles.

Do you think Jennifer Aniston's husband Justin Theroux was shaming Brad Pitt?


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