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The 89th "trolled" audiences in happy and upbeat style, kicking off the show with a lively rendition by Justin Timberlake singing his nominated hit from the animated film . Hollywood just could not stop the feelin' Timberlake was giving them, with stars in attendance including Nicole Kidman groovin' to the music and singing along. As per usual JT slayed "Can't Stop The Feeling," one of the biggest songs of 2016.

The Oscars could not have picked a better way to open an otherwise serious awards ceremony. Timberlake lit up the room with his smooth vocals and suave moves — and oh how we wish we were his wife Jessica Biel!

Here are the 6 best moments from the 2017 Oscars opening number.

1. JT Dances NSYNC Style On Oscars Stage

He's still got it, folks, he's still got it. As if he ever lost it, ami right?

2. Taraji P. Henson Can't Stop The Feeling

Ms. Taraji is all of us when we listen to Timberlake. We just can't help but get into it and belt it out.

3. JT And Halle Berry Getting Jiggy With It

So are we just going to pretend like this didn't even happen? Two of the most beautiful people in the world dancing together on live TV? NBD.

4. Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Singing Along

This musically inclined couple were all about that feeling as Timberlake crooned on stage. Urban doing a cover of a Trousersnake hit is the song I never knew I needed in my life.

5. Timberlake Dances And Kisses Missus

I. Can. Not. Get. Enough. Of. These. Two. Even as he's performing at the biggest awards ceremony of the year, JT still makes time for his beloved wifey.

But by the end he was done dancing and just wanted a smooch from his main gal. Goals.

6. Timberlake And Denzel High Five

We live in a world where this happened. The two coolest cats on the planet. I'm fine, I'm fine.

If you didn't feel good after watching Timberlake bring in the 2017 , I'm not sure there is anything in the world that could get you on your feet and dancing. Social media was over the moon with Timberlake's performance, putting it up there as one of the best Oscar openings to date. It was fun, exciting, energetic, and just plain feel-good. And we want an encore!


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