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Apparently joint custody just isn't enough for the pup broody KStew. The Twilight star has been spotted parading her new hound, Bailey around the streets of LA in recent times and letting everyone know that she is eager to fill out her furry adopted family.

who already owns two dogs, Bear and Bernie with her ex-boyfriend took the plunge into single parenthood in November by adopting the gorgeous Bailey but, she isn't ready to stop there.

A source told Hollywood Life that;

Kristen was here [at For Pets Only] yesterday and was in a really good mood. She bought some dog food and was talking about how in love she was with her puppy. She talked to someone else about adopting another dog. She was really friendly and down to earth.

Kristen Stewart parades her new pup, Bailey through the streets of LA

Many sources are painting Kristen as a budding crazy dog lady who is desperately trying to plug a Rob shaped hole in her life but, maybe, just maybe, she is just a good person who loves to rescue shelter pups. I certainly don't think this independent young lady who is gearing up to star in Camp X-Ray is spending her days sobbing into her furry friend's soft soft fur.

What do you guys think?

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