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The saga continues, but this time it's of a mortal nature.

The heart-wrenching turbulence of and 's breakup in May, is something that has become quite the public spectacle. Though one thing is for sure: we feel their pain.

According to Entertainment Wise the former star-crossed, now heartbroken lovers have been meeting up in secret, after reports that Rob's hedonistic lifestyle is the source of much torment.

Apparently Kristen's mother Jules arranged an initial 'peace talk' between the two after she became concerned about Rob's party-boy lifestyle, wishing to:

Get Rob's life back on track.

Entertainment Wise reported that a Grazia source said Kristen has been trying to talk Rob into seeing sense and is adamant that they belong together; though Rob has been resisting.

The source added:

Jules is like a surrogate mother to Robert in LA and she reached out to him and invited him over to see her with Kristen. They were both very worried about him.


He's at a low ebb right now and enjoyed seeing Kristen. One thing led to another and they've hooked up quite a few times since in secret. She has been trying to help Robert get his life back on track. She's still madly in love with him.

The source concluded that:

As far as he's concerned they're not getting back together. This is a temporary state of affairs and he has told friends they don't have a long-term future. He can't face the scrutiny their relationship always comes under.

Jeez Louise! Will these two ever find closure of some sort? Lets remember it hasn't been all that long since the break-up and R-Patz clearly needs some thinking time.

Do you think that the pair will find a way of making it work again or is their relationship eternally doomed?

Lets hope it's the former.



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