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A year ago, news of 's affair with her director, , sent the celeb gossip world into a frenzy, broke the heart of her long-time love, , and made Twihards have completely irrational meltdowns. At the time, K-Stew publicly expressed her remorse, not so much to her fans, but more as a desperate attempt to get Rob, who at that point had been ignoring all of her calls, to respond to her. Whatever. We all know what went down.

But in a recent interview, she apparently rehashed that old territory, except this time, she was far more defiant about it:

It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated. But honestly, I don't care 'cause it doesn't keep me from doing my shit. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention. (PerezHilton)

Why would she even offer that "apology" when it's clear she is just pissed-off that people have judged her or formed opinions about her (Newsflash, girl, you had an affair with a married man with kids, people will judge you). If you don't really mean what you say, then don't say it. Nothing is worse (actually, okay, I can think of a lot of things worse, BUT STILL) than when a celebrity gets caught doing something terrible that hurts others and gives what's clearly a half-assed apology in an attempt to make his or her PR reps happy.

With that being said, I really feel like Robsten is going to be this generation's version of the -- love triangle: The events that spurred all of it happened eight years ago, EIGHT YEARS, and still the media is trying to work that angle for stories. For those of you outraged we're still talking about K-Stew and R-Patz, I agree. We're sick of it, too. But as long as fans keep clicking and reading, we have to keep writing. Vicious circle, isn't it?

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