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Alisha Grauso

Let's be real here. Even the most die-hard of fans can't deny that K-Stew often looks like she partied too hard the night before, then rolled out of bed and threw on whatever crumpled clothes she had laying about, stumbling out the door without a shower. I get that it's her "thing", along with the angst and the general "don't give a f--k" attitude, but even I winced when I saw her on the set of her new film, Camp X-Ray, looking like a hot-ass mess as she sucked on a cancer stick with her newly-busted lip.

(via Perez Hilton)

Ladies, if you haven't already figured this out, smoking cigarettes will always, 100% of the time, make you look trashy. Every time. These pictures make me feel like if K-Stew were ever left entirely to her own devices for a week, police would break into her house only to find piles of unwashed clothes, dirty dishes, cigarette butts, and beer bottles everywhere. Get ya ish together, girl. Damn.


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