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Abi Toll

This weekend, the Twilight star Kristen Stewart was spied out and about in L.A. after having a Thanksgiving dinner with her family; where Huffpost style were apparently shocked that Kristen dared to wear:

Her usual uniform consisting of dark wash skinny jeans, a white tee, baseball hat and lace-up sneakers. With her wavy hair pushed to one side of her face, the 23-year-old put on her best pout for the cameras and hid her blue eyes behind nude-coloured sunnies.

Never with a moments peace, it's not surprising that a photographer described the Snow White and the Huntsman star as looking 'lonely' and probably missing when returning 'home alone, in the rain'.

Here are the pictures showing K-Stews so-called fashion crime. See what you make of it:

Kristen Stewart in 'Summer attire'

Kristen Stewart in 'holiday' wear

The couple broke up earlier this year, though their relationship status remains ambiguous. According to the Huffpost Style, was spotted at Rob's Beverly Hills home in November, which isn't exactly a revelation seeing as the two are known to be in constant contact.

What do you guys make of this? Fashion faux pas or are you guilty of it yourself?



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