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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the gossip pages, news has reached us that K-Stew is at it again. Reportedly, she's so worried that her relationship to R-Pattz is at breaking point that she's decided to board a plane and head Down Under to visit Rob on the set of his latest movie, The Rover, in Adelaide, Australia.

According to a source over at Radar Online:

Kristen is planning to travel to Australia to see Robert, she’s missing him incredibly. She thinks his interest in their reconciliation is waning the longer they’re apart – so Kristen’s trying to save what they have left. Robert’s been busy filming and hasn’t been able to give Kristen as much time as she liked. It’s been especially difficult to stay in touch because of the 18 and half hour time difference between Los Angeles and Adelaide.

Sounds serious, so what does the future hold then for the couple? Luckily the source was on hand to spell it out in case we were still unsure, explaining:

Their relationship is hanging by a thread, so she thinks that visiting him in Oz may help them stay together. That said, I think she may be clinging on to something that isn’t what she actually thinks it was.

Woman goes on holiday to visit boyfriend. Thanks. For. That.

In all seriousness it must be pretty tough living your life in the public gaze. The life of a celebrity sounds glamorous and all that, but it must be tiring to have your every move documented and photographed. Perhaps in this case Stewart was just in need of a holiday and wanted to go and hang out with her boo Down Under.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Kristen's jaunt to Oz.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care about the ongoing K-Pattz saga? I'm around the 0.5 mark, myself.


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