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KADO: The Right Answer (正解するカド) is a CG sci-fi anime made by Toei Animation. The 12-episode series was part of the Spring 2017 anime lineup. Kojiro Shindo, a highly-skilled negotiator, works for Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When his plane at Haneda airport is about to take off, a gigantic mysterious cube appears in the sky and absorbs the plane that he and 251 other passengers are on.

The cube is called Kado and the mysterious being that possesses it is called Yaha-kui zaShunina. Yaha-kui zaShunina's goal is to advance the human race, and he plans to use Shindo as his mediator between him and humanity.

KADO: The Right Answer seems to be in the shadow of other anime series that aired in the spring, such as Attack on Titan Season 2, Eromanga Sensei and Tsuki ga Kirei. However, KADO: The Right Answer is a series that deserves some praise due to its discussion of humanity's future. In this post, I will be discussing some important humanitarian values that this series proposes to its viewers and how as viewers we should not only think but act upon these principles.

3. Sharing Is Caring

When zaShunina introduces the Wam, he hopes to share its power with all of humanity. The Wam are a pair of spheres that contains infinite energy. zaShunina specifically picked Japan to first introduce this new technology because he believes that Japan wouldn't selfishly keep the power to itself.

'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]
'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]

In order to demonstrate his reasoning as to why the Wam must be shared with everyone, zaShunina describes the situation like sharing bread. If there is an infinite amount of bread at a table, the people that are sitting at the table will eat enough to fill their stomachs, and so when they see a starving person, they should share that bread with them, as they already ate what they need. Yet, there are people who wouldn't share despite having infinite bread. Therefore, zaShunina doesn't want his technology to fall into the wrong hands. He wants it to be shared and used by everyone equally — his technology isn't something that should be kept by only those in power.

From the scenario that zaShunina proposes, the moral message is that everyone should share all the time. Our discoveries and knowledge shouldn't be kept in the dark but shared with others if it benefits humanity. As a society, we lost that concept of sharing, instead looking at everything as "give and take"; if you have money, you can afford everything and if you don't, you suffer. zaShunina reminds the viewers the importance of sharing.

2. The Changed Versus The Unchanged

In this anime, we learn that zaShunina is an anisotropic being. He's an outsider, and people are skeptical as to whether or not they should trust him. In the beginning, Shindo supports zaShunina and his offerings to humanity as his actions do not seem threatening. However, Saraka Tsukai warns Shindo that he should be cautious of zaShunina.

In order to convince Shindo, she spends the whole day showing "her world" to him — her childhood home and her family. Saraka makes a valid point: one shouldn't completely change everything about one's home in order to make it "better." Sometimes, the best things in life are the everyday things around you, and that's something you shouldn't replace or change, as no amount of money or power can replace your family and friends.

'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]
'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]

1. The Relationship Between The Media And The Public

The media is the mediator of information between the authorities and the public. A morally conscientious reporter would try his or her best to report the truth, but there are others who spin lies, and there are some powerful individuals — politicians and big companies — who would use their power to censor the media.

'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]
'KADO: The Right Answer' [Credit: Funimation]

In KADO: The Right Answer, zaShunina uses the media to communicate to the rest of the world. When the United Nations wants to capitalize on the Wam, the Japanese government broadcasts to all nations how to make them. The media is what people rely on for the news and it's the media's job to report the truth.

However, the media may also abuse its power. This is shown when we discover zaShunina's true intentions: He uses the media to brainwash the people into believing his lie of "advancing" the human race. When zaShunina introduces the third gift, the Sansa, a brain-like system that allows individuals to be aware of the anisotropic presence, zaShunina uses the media to showcase this new gift, brainwashing everyone into having this power. The media is a powerful tool. The media can inform us with the truth or with lies, but it is up to the audience to decipher what is truth with the information that the media provides us.

KADO: The Right Answer provides some thought-provoking ideas to viewers about humanity and morality. If you are a fan of alien-themed movies and shows, this is an you should check out on Crunchyroll.

What was your favorite moment from KADO: The Right Answer?


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