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We've long been head over heels in love with Penny from The Big Bang Theory, but did you know that there was another Cuoco sister also currently making waves in the entertainment industry?

Indeed, not many people may know this but there are in fact two Cuoco sisters, and they appear to be just as talented and beautiful as one another. Get yourself up to date and familiarize yourself with some things you should probably know about Kaley Cuoco's Penny 2.0 – sister Briana:

1. Briana Cuoco Is Younger Than Sister Kaley

Born on November 29, 1988, Briana is three years younger than Kaley. Both ladies grew up together in Camarillo, California with their parents – their mom is a homemaker and their dad is a local realtor.

2. She Used To Be Kaley's Personal Assistant

Before she decided to pursue her own dreams in the entertainment industry, sister Briana was Kaley Cuoco's personal assistant. Aw!

3. She's Also An Actress

Briana Cuoco in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Briana Cuoco in 'The Big Bang Theory'

Just like her sister Kaley, she's also in the acting field. In fact, unless you're a true The Big Bang Theory fan, you might have failed to spot her in the show. In a Valentine's Day episode called "The Tangible Affection Proof" that aired in 2013, Briana plays a former friend and the new fiancee of Penny's ex-boyfriend. Naturally, Kaley's character gets very jealous when she sees him proposing to his new girl while she's having dinner at the same restaurant. Oops!

Additionally, Briana's acting credits extend to The Newsroom, The Lydia Bennet!!, The Mentalist and Beauty in the Broken, in which she plays the character of Pele Peterson.

4. She's Hot AF

That is, if you hadn't noticed that already.

5. She's Released A Debut Album Called 'Bluebird'

Her band cites themselves as sounding like Adele, Sara Bareilles, Fiona Apple and Florence And The Machine, with Briana Cuoco naturally taking front stage as the lead singer. Although their tunes haven't really hit the mainstream just yet, the album has been getting amazing reviews on iTunes.

See more:

6. She's So Good That She's Even Been On The Voice

Kaley Cuoco's sister on 'The Voice'
Kaley Cuoco's sister on 'The Voice'

In 2013, Briana embarked on the ride of her life when she auditioned for the most famous singing contest in the entertainment industry, The Voice. And although she ended up losing the battle and didn't manage to sing her last song on the show as the winner, she was able to count on her sister Kaley to have her back in the defeat.

Tweeting her outrage at her sister's elimination, The Big Bang Theory star slammed down on Blake Shelton's decision, saying:

"Bad move @blakeshelton !!!! nonononono @bricuoco killed it and couldn't have looked any hotter. .”

And we couldn't agree more! Watch her perform in one of the most epic battles The Voice has ever seen in the short clip below:

7. She's Also A Choreographer

Yep, as well as being a singer and an actress, Kaley Cuoco's sister is also an incredibly dancer. Back in 2012, she even helped the cast of The Big Bang Theory choreograph an on-set flash mob. Check out their moves and grooves in the hilarious compilation below:

8. The Two Sisters Are Very Close

Kaley and her sister have always been outspoken about the love they share for each other. For one, Briana always defends her big sis when she receives nasty comments on social media. And The Big Bang Theory star is similarly always there for her only sibling, often churning out support.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Briana once shared the biggest and most essential piece of advice her sister has ever given to her:

“Don’t be a jerk. Keep your feet on the ground. Work hard and don’t take yourself too seriously."

Did you know that Kaley Cuoco's sister Briana was just as talented?

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