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The King of Controversy, Kanye West, has returned to his throne of gaffes with the casting call for his new fashion line, Yeezy Season 4. Taking to Twitter (his PR team should really just disable his account at this point) to announce the criteria for the models, Yeezus explained that this time around, he's specifically looking for "multiracial women" only.

Here's the ad:

The word "multiracial" implies that Kanye is excluding black models in favor of the lightest skinned models of color, which is a confusing move considering his last collection was a huge milestone in the fashion world, employing exclusively models of color.

Needless to say, he set the Twitter sphere ablaze, with many responding, sharing a piece of their mind.

See also:

A protestor with 'They Want Black Features Not Black Girls' painted on her chest.
A protestor with 'They Want Black Features Not Black Girls' painted on her chest.

Many were annoyed and disappointed by the designer/rapper/director for turning his back on the progress he made with Yeezy Season 3. His calculated statement targeted a very specific demographic and explicitly created a very rigid standard of beauty that totally undermines the progress his last collection made for black models.

Some tried to clarify Kanye's deliberately confusing language to point out that he still wants models of color, just a very specific kind:

Some twitter users proved how ridiculous Kanye's request was by highlighting the difficult nature of heritage and what exactly "multiracial" means:

This is not the first time Kanye's shot himself in the foot in regard to race issues, and it won't be the last. In his album My Beautiful Dark Fantasy, he sampled Billie Holiday's heart-wrenching ode to victims of lynching, "Strange Fruit," to talk about his beef with designers at Gucci and Versace. The list of his offenses is long, and while Kanye has yet to respond, it will be interesting to see how he explains himself and if he sticks to his guns.

Imma let me finish but do you think Kanye is wrong for demanding a very specific look?


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