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Sorry folks, but it's finally happened. No longer will we simple little peons be graced by the King of Epic Social Media Rants. has decided to delete his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Say goodbye to his rants about not getting cherubs on a rug or self-indulgent posts like "I'm a genius"; they are no more.

Not coincidentally, he made the decision to do this just after talked about how West has been taking it easy since his hospitalization last November. Now is the perfect time for Kanye to sit back and relax with himself and his family instead of fighting windmills on social media.

But what are we supposed to do in the meantime? How are we going get through our boring days without getting any notifications of his zany posts on our phones? Don't worry. Here are seven classic Kanye West posts to keep you going "WTF?" until he gets back.

1. Kanye Is Such A Romantic

Kanye sure can't get enough of himself. What's wrong with running into Kim Kardashian's arms?

2. Kanye Waxes Intellectual

Unless you're in a horror movie, and there's a ghost staring back at you. Unless the horror movie stars Kanye West, then the ghost will probably be Kanye. Touché, Kanye.

3. Kanye's Fashion Advice for Kim

Did he dress her before or after he was done looking at himself in the mirror?

4. Kanye Thinks Everyone Is Human

Why was that mannequin getting in the way of Kanye West? Didn't that mannequin know Kanye had some important shopping to do for Kim?

5. Kanye On Self-Esteem

If you want pointers on how to be a better you, than open your ears to the sage advice from Yeezy.

6. Kanye On The Pressures Of Responsibility

I mean I can't even keep a plant alive, so I feel you fam. I feel you.

7. Kanye Keeps On (Not) Smiling

You know what, Kanye, smiles or not, you bring smiles to all our faces. Hope you come back to social media soon. We know you are working on some new posts to brighten our days.

Which other famous Kanye West posts do you remember?


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