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Kanye West has been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation following a series of bizarre outbursts which culminated in the controversial rapper cancelling his 'Life of Pablo' world tour.

According to NBC News, Los Angeles police received a medical welfare call from someone close to the star who was concerned about his health after a spate of erratic behavior. TMZ states that this person was Kanye's medical doctor who received a call to treat the star for "sleep deprivation" and was concerned with his mental state.

West has been displaying strange behavior on stage for a number of days now including an impassioned rant in San Jose, California, stating he would have voted for Trump "if he voted" and a tirade of abuse against Beyoncé and Jay Z in Sacramento, California. He also stated that black people should "stop focusing on racism" much to the exasperation of Black Lives Matter campaigners.

The star also left the Sacramento gig after performing just two songs which led to the hashtag trending on Twitter shortly afterward.

Kanye has arguably never been the same since the death of his mother, Donda, who passed away after undergoing a number of cosmetic procedures that the rapper funded back in 2007.

Although she didn't trace 's erratic behavior quite so far back, predicted the star's very public breakdown with stunning accuracy back in February 2016 when she told ET Canada that that:

"I've always thought he's a maniac and he just sounds like more of one. He's delusional. He's acted like this for years, and now people are acting surprised that he's acting like this? He did this to Taylor Swift five or six years ago — he went up and stole her award — and no one thought he was nuts then?"

The comedian and talk-show host went on to deliver a truly searing line of prophesy when she said:

Check out the full interview for yourself below:

Although the Twitter sphere has largely mocked Kanye for his uncontrollable behavior, some have taken a more compassionate approach and chosen to focus on the struggles Kanye has been through while also highlighting a failure to recognize mental health problems in black males:

There's no denying it's been a rough road for Kanye. Here's hoping he gets the help that he needs.

Do you think that Kanye West has mental health problems?

(Sources: NBC, TMZ and ET Canada)


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