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Can you believe Kanye West has been designing clothes for four whole seasons already? No, none of us can. And after yesterday's fashion show fiasco, he should prooooobably just stop. Seriously, Yeezy. Just stop.

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Unlike in previous years, the clothes themselves actually weren't the problem. Here's Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kendall and Kylie looking gorgeous in Kanye's designs:

But unfortunately, flesh colored sports bras and $300 track pants couldn't save this well-dressed nightmare.

The show took place on the grounds of an abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island in NYC, because nothing says "edgy" like smallpox. Yeezy shuttled his A-list guests in via bus, which everyone knows is every celeb's top choice of transportation. Apparently the guests were displeased by the lack of snacks or water offered to them on the bus — which at first sounds kind of prissy, but when you factor in that it was upwards from 85 degrees, its more just a basic requirement for human life.

When guests arrived, they were greeted by the comforting sight of dozens of models lined up on the lawn like the Terracotta Warriors, clad in flesh colored leotards so heinous they looked like they'd been picked out of the lost-n-found after an Intro to Movement class at Tisch. The show was scheduled to begin at 3PM, but didn't get around to starting until a whole two hours later. Exhausted models began to collapse on the lawn from heat, and fashion editors had already started to trickle out before the show finally got underway.

Once things finally got moving, they went from bad to much, much worse. Literally not one single pair of Yeezy's boots were made for walking. Check out Amina Blue walking like a constipated penguin — in front of her ex-BF Tyga and his new girl, Kylie, no less — before getting so fed up, she actually kicks of the shoes and carries on:

Amina Blue at Yeezy Season 4
Amina Blue at Yeezy Season 4

Then there was this complete and total trooper, dressed more appropriately for driving a Zamboni than for New York in the summer, that just could not walk at all.

The youngest Jenner sister has already piped up on Twitter in defense of the wobbly-legged model:

You're right, Kylie! Props to this woman for giving it her all. That's fucking commitment. But maybe — just maybe — it's Yeezy's fault for designing heels so shoddy that they disintegrate after 90 minutes of wear. When someone from the audience has to come up and help a model make it to the end of the runway, there is DEFINITELY something wrong.

Ultimately, Kanye — the man who basically never, ever smiles — walked out looking utterly overjoyed at the abomination he had just foisted upon the world:

Source: Kim Kardashian via Snapchat
Source: Kim Kardashian via Snapchat

I'll let Stella Bugbee, the editor of The Cut and a survivor of Yeezy Season 4, send us off by saying what we're all thinking:

What did you think of the Yeezy Season 4 sh*tshow?

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