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Kristen Stewart is continuing her meteoric climb in the dizzy world of fashion to become the shining star on Karl Lagerfeld's rhinestone encrusted Christmas tree.

The 23 year old actress has been hand-picked by the controversial designer to lend her elfin features to be the face of Chanel's new Western-inspired fashion range.

Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld revel in each others company

and have reportedly been as thick as thieves since they met at a photo shoot in January 2012. After melting Karl's arctic tundra heart with her charms it has been reported by an insider source that;

'Kristen is a huge fan of Mr Lagerfeld. She loves his style and quirky sense of humour. He gets her and she loves him for that.'

Obviously, their special reationship has nothing to do with the fact that KStew is an elfin babe with a fan base to rival that of cheese or, beer...

Kristen Stewart has come a long way in the style stakes since flaunting looks that would make the bile in Lagerfeld's throat to rise in horror.

Kristen Stewart: From rough to riches

Its lucky that KStew has plenty of experience dealing with immortal vampires because Lagerfeld himself will be getting his illustrious gloved mitts on the camera to photograph her for the, as yet, unreleased Texas-inspiried collection.

Kristen Stewart and Karl Lagerfeld flaunt their Chanel

One things for sure, I simply cannot wait to see Kristen wafting her Native American inspired fringing around in the studio. Surely this outlandish garb could make even straight-face Kstew crack a tiny little smile?

Kstews new look? Karl Lagefelds Western-inspired collection

Do you guys think Kstew and Karl will make beautiful music together?

Source: Hollywood Life and LA Times

Images: The Daily Mail via AP Images, New York Daily News via INF and The Student Room


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