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I know there are hordes of Dredd fans currently clamoring for another outing for Karl Urban's no-nonsense law enforcer, and although I'm afraid I can't give you that, I can give you a tiny bit more of Judge Dredd.

At the recent Dallas Comic-Con, took to the stage to provide a lengthy panel based around 2012's Dredd 3D. Among the usual chat about making the film, he also produced a copy of Judge Dredd: America, the original comic-book which inspired the rebooted film. He discussed how the comic-book front cover was the basis for his own poster, before reading the story's opening monologue in his best Dredd voice. Check out the video below, but skip to 1:45 for the actual reading.


At the moment, the prospects of a Dredd 2 are still rather rocky. Dredd 3D performed poorly at theaters (partly due to its adult rating) but went to make a healthier amount on the home release market. Unfortunately, despite this boost, positive critical reviews and enthusiastic word of mouth, it seems Dredd still failed to make the $50 million needed to persuade executives to greenlight a sequel.

However, perhaps all hope isn't lost. Dredd: America did receive its own follow-up comic which was also based on the continuity of the film. Entitled Dredd: Underbelly, the comic went on to be a huge success in both the UK and USA, earning itself a second printing in the US. Perhaps this success could slightly alleviate the financial worries of Dredd's producers? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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