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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Love or hate the Underworld movie franchise, it's finally been scientifically proven that it's impossible not to adore Kate Beckinsale. From calling out Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay for being a vile sexist creep, to jumping from playing leather-clad Selene in Underworld to portraying Lady Susan Vernon in Jane Austin's period dramady Love & Friendship, Kate is a rare creature: an honest Hollywood celebrity, with a sense of humour.

Still on great terms with her ex, Michael Sheen, as well as his girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, Kate often posts photos of the gang hanging out with her and Sheen's 18-year-old daughter Lily. However, her latest Instagram post caused quite a commotion with people believing 46-year-old Silverman to be Kate's 18-year-old daughter. Yes, really.

How A Star Studded Dinner Turned Into A Case Of Mistaken Identity

On Friday Kate and Sarah were snapped at a star-studded Hollywood restaurant featuring the likes of actress JoAnna Garcia, ex-NYSNC singer Lance Bass and ex Saturday Night Live comic, Molly Shannon. On a table littered with iPhones and empty cocktail glasses Kate sentimentally captioned the image 'feels upon feels <3 <3 <3 <3' — but the image was soon to confuse Beckinsale fans the world over.

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Is Sarah Silverman Kate Beckinsale's Daughter?

Shortly after posting the photo at the celeb studded dinner, comments started flooding in complementing how pretty Kate's daughter Lily was, even though she was vacant from the photo. It soon emerged that Kate's Insta fans were confusing Sarah Silverman, 46, for Lily, 18, possibly because Sarah Silverman's veins throb with the elixir of eternal youth.

Such comments included:

“That Sarah is your daughter? Pretty like you @katebeckinsale.”


"How do you look so good? You look like your the daughter not the other way around."

Kate Confirms That Sarah Silverman Is Actually, Her Granddaughter

Stepping in to clear up the confusion over whether Sarah Silverman was in fact Kate's daughter, Beckinsale went one step further and declared to fans that:

"[Sarah is our] granddaughter. We are very proud of her."

Naturally, this caused more confusion than clarity with some fans stating:

"But you have only one daughter and she is 17 years old then how Sarah became your granddaughter?"

Thankfully, Kate realized that if she didn't explain exactly who Sarah was, in a world of , a legion of people would actually believe 46-year-old Silverman was 43-year-old Beckinsale's granddaughter and so she ended her Insta-interaction by clarifying:

"Lily is Kate's only daughter. Sarah is dating Michael, Lily's father. Keep up."

Kate's Real Daughter, Lily, Is The Best Celebrity Child Ever Produced

If there's one celebrity child's Instagram account you want to creepily stalk, make it Lily Beckinsale's. Aside from being Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen's actual daughter, she is also a comedic genius with a caption game which is . While Kate, Michael and Sarah may have an 'unorthodox' family setup, they're clearly making it work, proving to be an inspiration for non-nuclear families the world over, praise be to the vampy queen of eternal leather-clad life!


How badly do you want to be Kate Beckinsale's Grandchild?


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