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Abi Toll

According to, Sierra/Affinity have revealed that and will star in 's Before I Wake.

Apparently they will be handling international sales for both Somnia and Flanagan's Oculus.

Co-written by Flanagan and , have described Somnia as being:

A haunting, emotionally absorbing horror film about an orphaned child whose dreams—and nightmares—manifest physically as he sleeps. The film explores the enduring bonds between parent and child and is punctuated by sequences of intense, visceral terror that only a child’s imagination could conjure. In addition to Bosworth and Jane, the film will introduce Jacob Tremblay as the child.

Flanagan also helmed Oculus which he co-wrote with Howard and is produced by Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans. have confirmed that the film 'premiered in the Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival and was acquired by Relativity for US distribution in 2014'.

Macy explained that:

Somnia is a natural follow up to Oculus for Mike. We are thrilled that Kate and Thomas have joined us for Somnia, and look forward to Sierra presenting both titles at the AFM.

Here's a still from Oculus: have said that , , and will star in Oculus, where:

The film revolves around a horrifying family incident that left two young children orphans a decade earlier. Authorities charged the brother with murder, but the sister believes the true culprit is a haunted antique mirror, and is determined to prove her theory even though the brother has been rehabilitated and is ready to move on.

Ooh, sounds intrguing.

Somnia starts production on Monday, November 11 which Demarest Films and MICA Entertainment are financing with Intrepid Pictures.

Are you excited to see both Somnia and Oculus?



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