ByWill Wharton, writer at
Creative Director
Will Wharton

Ze Germans, man. They know the score. Sure they've had their ups and downs in the past but when it comes to designing/building/selling/driving cars, they know their stuff. Take Mercedes for example, or MER-ZEH-DEZ as the Deutsch would say. If they wanted to talk about cars (which they do A LOT). Mercedes has chosen to launch an ad campaign during the Super Bowl and they've chosen to do it in just the right way.

What have they done? Those savvy Germans have only gone and stolen the hottest piece of pancake this side of the Rhine. Miss Kate Upton, today, was revealed to be the centerpiece of Mercedes new campaign.

I won't even ruin the magic by telling you what happens in the ad, just watch it and salute ze Germans as the masters of motorized transport that they are. Enjoy.


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