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Will Wharton

Today is the day that Kate Upton proves that she's more than just the hottest pair of reddits online right now. This new gallery of photos show a different side of Kate; a gentler more playful side than we've previously come to expect from Miss Upton. Kate is seen here ALMOST fully clothed with no chesticles in sight, giving hope to those of us who want cast off the shackles of preconception.

Take me, for example – because I'm well over 2 meters tall, have abs like a wrestler and bear more than a passing resemblance to the villains from 2012's Prometheus, people tend to see me as more of a biblical creator/homicidal space Jesus than a human being. Kate Upton has shown me that I CAN, in fact, wear more than just a loin cloth. I CAN make friends with robots instead of ripping their heads off and more importantly I CAN think about saving the human race, rather than destroying it.

Check her out and thanks to Elle(who have loads more photos of the lovely Kate on their site) and photographer Matt Jones.


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