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Will Wharton

When I look at these three pictures of with no shirt on (taken by future serial killer Terry Richardson) I don't see a ridiculously hot blonde with a lack of self-control and an overabundance of body confidence. No, when I look at these images I see freedom. I see hope. I see the promise of a better America. An America where I'm free to throw eggs at children, where I can eat sandwiches in a public swimming pool or smoke cigars on crowded buses. Miss Upton represents a world without boundaries, a world where things bounce freely, away from the confines of fabric and society. Where life is simple, gigantic and black and white. Kate represents a world where blond girls CAN wear nerd glasses and look like a nerd if they want to without fear of reprisal. Kate Upton is inhibition thrown to the dogs and you and I feel an attraction to THIS quality, not her enormous nawks.

I mean, lets face it, there's a little Terry Richardson in all of us!

Enjoy the photos:

Thanks to The Superficial who have LOADS more sexy Upton images and Big T himself for these taking the pics.


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