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Karly Rayner

Let just jump into this Kate Upton shoot at the deep end shall we guys? First things first, does anyone else find the way she is clutching that burrito obscenely arousing? Good, I knew I wasn't the only mega-perv around these ends!


The curvaceous Kate might think she is being caught in the crush due to the Super Bowl theme of this Vogue shoot, but I reckon that plunging neckline might be the real suspect. Those fabulous funbags are things of eye-watering beauty. Seeing them clad in white like that makes my soul hurt. To be honest, I am feeling a little distracted so I think I will just let Tracy Morgan's face sum up my feelings about this sizzling pic.

Are you pulling a similar salacious facial expression for ultra-babe Upton?

(Source: Hollywood Tuna)

(Images: Hollywood Tuna via Vogue)


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