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Bursting onto television screens seemingly out of nowhere, Katelyn Nacon made herself a household name as The Walking Dead’s Enid; a particularly beloved addition to the series and its devoted fans. Rapidly building a fanbase in both mainstream Hollywood and the indie community, there is nothing this rising star can’t do. Katelyn opens up about scoring her first major role as Enid, career goals, embarrassing moments and details on her latest project, the hit slasher series [email protected].

Unable to imagine the excitement of receiving the call that you have been cast on a major network series, Katelyn breaks it down for us:

“I cried for like an hour. I found out I got the role and remember breaking down in tears because at that moment I realized all the hard work that I put in to my job; all the hours, and love and hate and everything that I put into this acting career, it was actually paying off. I found that out at that moment.”

Freshly cast as Enid on AMC’s popular survival series The Walking Dead, it must have been difficult not to become overwhelmed among the long list of celebrities on set. However, Katelyn had a strong defense to not becoming overly starstruck upon joining the cast. “I never watched the show before I got on it, so I didn’t know anything about it.” Escaping the awkward cuffs of being awestruck by her colleagues she was indeed welcomed graciously:

“I do remember my first day on set. Andrew Lincoln he — I don’t know how to explain it! I was like at this house away from everyone. So he walked all the way over there and shook my hand and I was like, what an amazing guy!”

Similar to her character Enid, Katelyn landed herself another edgy role.“I’m really good at showing off that teenage angst” she joked when comparing her role as Enid to her latest role playing Elisia on Go90’s teen slasher series, [email protected] “I remember reading the script,” she continues:

“I read her breakdown where she’s like a cutter and everything, and I was like, ‘this should be fun'... I usually like playing these really more complex and darker characters because I really like digging my hands into them. Trying to figure them out, and figure out how they work and how theirs minds work, they are a lot more fun to me.”

Already gaining serious momentum from fans, [email protected] incorporates similar themes as popular cable series like Pretty Little Liars and MTV’s Scream series. “[[email protected]] has a more real aspect to them [characters] and you can relate to them. It kind of draws you in more as a viewer and kind of makes you more connected I feel, to everything that is going on with these girls.” Young adult drama with a psychopathic killer and a heightened sense of realism? Not a bad mix at all.

Two complex roles on two awesome series and Katelyn doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

“A goal in my acting is just to be able to do this for the rest of my life, and be happy and successful with the work that I love to do. And I would love to, you know, do movies, do TV shows...kind of get my foot into everything, I think that would be a really good thing.”

Even though she has no trouble with taking on darker or complex roles, Katelyn has no intention of being typecasted into the horror genre either. This petite introvert hopes to emulate one of Hollywood’s most gracious legacies. “Meryl Streep is amazing,” she explains:

“I envy her because she plays so many different roles and she does all of them so gracefully and I would love to be able to do that at some point in my career; to become a different person like she’s able to, and do it so gracefully like her.”

Down to earth and quite poised beyond her years, this young actress is still human and worries like the rest of us. “I feel like every single day I do something embarrassing, like that's just a part of who I am; I think embarrassment comes along with me.” As awkward as she may find herself it certainly does not translate that way on screen. Take a gander for yourself by checking out AMC’s The Walking Dead or her starring and controversial role in this indie horror series, [email protected].

Streaming free exclusively at or on the Go90 app.
Streaming free exclusively at or on the Go90 app.

New episodes of this awesome slasher series are released exclusively on Go90 every Tuesday. Go90 is an always free streaming service loaded with original content. You can download the app onto your mobile device or go directly to You can check out the full length Q&A with The Walking Dead actress Katelyn Nacon here and find out more about her role on [email protected] here.

Watch the first episode of [email protected], here!

Still want more of The Walking Dead? Check out the trailer for Season 7, premiering this October and take the poll below:


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*Information sourced from personal interview with Miss Nacon.


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