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Drug addictions in Hollywood are all too common. They're incredibly hard situations that are often made even tougher by being battled in the public eye. But there are cases in which stars try to keep their fight as privately as possible, which usually results in the public finding out about it much later.

One such example is Son of Anarchy's .

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

The actress recently released her memoir, Grace Notes: My Recollections. In it, she reveals her 15-year-old battle with alcohol, cocaine and diet pills addiction. According to the actress, it all began when she was just a child living in LA:

“When I was 12, we lived on the same block as Judy Garland. Her daughter Lorna Luft and I became neighborhood buddies. Lorna’s mom had a lot of pills on her bedside table and slept past noon just like my mom. We hung tight. And, of course, I thought everyone’s mom took a lot of pills.”

All went downhill from there, as she was prescribed diet pills at the age of 14. She revealed what they meant to her at the time:

"[Diet pills] gave me a way to fix what ailed me - just like my mom had with her pills for as long as I could remember."

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Addictions are a horrible problem to first face and then beat, especially when they come at a young age and a role model also has them. Often, it's hard to recover both emotionally and professionally after facing them and all the problems that come with addiction.

So it's incredible to see how Sagal, even in her situation, was able to pick herself back up and shine in the entertainment industry. She's been the star of hit shows like Married... With Children and and has snagged five Golden Globe nominations through the years. If that's not the sign of a successful career, I don't know what is.

Hopefully, everything keeps going great for her and her family moving forward. If you want to know more about this amazing actress, don't forget to pick up her book, which is out in stores now.


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