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Even though is nowhere near the A-list level of , it appears she is trying to emulate the actress in at least one way: TMZ is reporting that McPhee was caught kissing her Smash director .

Her...very married Smash director Michael Morris.

McPhee, who is married to Nick Cokas, may be looking for a new love: A source close to People told the magazine

She and her husband are separated for over six months, since early this year. They haven't been living together.

But Morris is still very much married to his wife, actress Mary McCormack. Together, they have three daughters. And if she found out about the affair, says the source, she would be devastated:

Mary adores her husband. If this is true, she would have been blindsided. She is the most devoted mother and wife.

Yikes. This is like the C-list version of K-Stew and Rupert Sanders all over again.


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