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Katheryn Winnick is known to drop more than a few sneaky hints on Twitter, often alluding to the future of her character on . She's portrayed feisty warrior Lagertha since the show's humble beginnings in 2013, and has become a firm fan favorite. But a recently shared selfie could be sending a message that her days as a viking warrior are drawing to a close.

Winnick shared a sultry snap on her Twitter, revealing a fresh new look for the usually long-haired actor. As stylish as her new choppy bob is, it's a drastic change up from her usual signature viking style:

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Lagertha is known for her long, luscious locks, which are often braided in a variety of signature viking styles. She never fails to elicit major hair envy amongst the show's fanbase, and has inspired many copycat attempts and online tutorials. Her hair is definitely important to her character's identity.

So does Winnick's loss of her shieldmaiden 'do mean that she's going to find herself out of the job soon? Let's look at the possibilities:

RIP Lagertha?

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

Last week's episode of Vikings revealed an ominous prophecy from The Seer. He told Lagertha that one of the sons of Ragnar would kill her— and we all know that Aslaug's orphans are now plotting their eventual revenge. It's become a matter of when, not if.

Winnick has been filming Season 5, which means she'll probably still be around for the show's next expected time jump. And unless she starts sporting extensions, her new haircut could be a hint that Season 5 is the last we'll see of the matriarch.

Cute Couple Alert!

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

Of course, Lagertha's makeover doesn't necessarily mean she's done with the show. The next time jump will reveal a much older Lagertha; And just as Ragnar visibly aged and evolved his look as the narrative unfolded over the years, so too must Lagertha.

There's been a bit of criticism levelled at the show for failing to allow Winnick's character to show any sign of ageing whatsoever— perhaps a fresh lop is just what Lagertha needs to enter her more senior years with grace. Not to mention the potential to look totally on point alongside her fellow short-haired viking and lover, Astrid. Maybe this hot look will catch on? It's certainly more efficient on the battlefield than her usual style.

Another Hairy Hint

Winnick isn't the only Vikings cast member whose haircut has sparked rumours. Alexander Ludwig (Björn) previously confessed to The Toronto Sun that he would shave his head once he was finished with the show— and look what the Canadian recently posted to Instagram:

Either Ludwig has gone back on his word, or Björn's Mediterranean raid isn't going to go quite as planned.

Will this week's episode reveal the fate of a major character in Vikings?

(Source: Toronto Sun)


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